Who are we?

We have been working with music: Mixing, Mastering, Audio-Design, Live Audio and Audio Streaming since 2006.

Who have we worked with?

We have worked with many musicians and bands. Among them Seyda Perin├žek, Xec├¬ Herdem, ┼×iyar ├╗ Dijwar, Azad Bedran and many others.

Our Referances


Seyda Per├«n├žek

A renowned and highly respected Kurdish musician and singer.

Our partnership led to captivating live YouTube broadcasts that reached audiences worldwide.

Seyda Perincek
Mixing, Miksing

Xecê Herdem

An extraordinary Kurdish

voice that is liked by millions of people. We are proud to have contributed to her remarkable musical journey, and it has been a truly enriching experience.

Lyd Restorasjon, Audio Restoration

┼×├«yar ├╗ Dijwar

The brothers became celebrities already at a young age. We got to know each other before they became celebrities. I helped to build up their careers, we have worked on many projects.

Siyar u Dijwar
Lyd Oppl├Žring, Coaching

Azad Bedran

A creative young singer, possesses a vibrant energy. It has been a privilege for me to contribute to his musical journey by arranging, mixing, and mastering several songs on his debut album.

Azad Bedran

From one of our Live-Streams!