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The goal of mastering is to bring out the best in your final mix by maximising it with good stereo image, mono and loudness compatibility, for

finale release to: CD, Radio, PM3, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, Amazon music and all other digital stores.

Mixing, Miksing


The goal of mixing is to bring out the best in your multi-track recording by adjusting levels, panning, and time-based audio effects (chorus, reverb, delay). The aim is to craft your arrangement, ensuring coherence and harmony among all tracks in their interrelation.

Lyd Restorasjon, Audio Restoration

Podcast & Voiceovers

Transform your podcast production or voiceovers with our specialised services. Whether you need; recording, editing or audio restoration, our team is dedicated to enriching your content. With advanced processes, we guarantee your audio reaches its peak quality.

Lyd Opplæring, Coaching


We can help you to get answers to your questions regarding audio production, streaming audio. Give you basic or advanced knowledge that you need. We will give you tips & tricks and good advice regardless wether you are a music producer, YouTuber or Streamer.

Service Prices

You get every fifth product (mixing/mastering) for free!

Logic Pro Opplæring


Single file Mastering $ 50

Steam M. 2-5 Tracks $ 100

Steam M. 5-10 Tracks $ 200

Feedback? Each Track $ 25

Studio One Opplæring


Less than 5 Tracks $  50

5-10 Tracks $ 100

10-20 Tracks $ 200

More than 20 Tracks $ 300

Garageband Opplæring

Podcast & Voiceovers

1-5 Minutes Audio $ 30

5-10 Minutes Audio $ 50

10-20 Minutes Audio $ 100

20-60 Minutes Audio $ 200

Mikrotonal Musikk, Mictotonal Music


15 Minutes One to One $ 30

30 Minutes One to One $ 45

60 Minutes One to One $ 60

Full day Classes $ 500